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Fragrance Menu

Baby Powder - Fresh and clean just like a baby's bottom. This is the perfect candle to light right after cleaning your house. It smells amazing and it's relaxing.

Black Cherry - Bursting with fresh fruity black cherries. Will fill the whole room

Black Sea - A masculine exotic and addicting mix of black amber, vanilla, & notes of plum 

Eucalyptus & Spearmint - refreshing spearmint mingles and intertwine with eucalyptus in this amazing candle. Eucalyptus and spearmint is known to help relieve chest congestion and symptoms associated with asthma.

Fresh Linen Smoke Eliminator - Captures and eliminates bad odors and leaves behind a clean, fresh linen scent.

Lavender - Pure lavender essential oil

Lemongrass - Fresh crisp and clean airy accords of lemongrass and citrus oils

Mahogany Teakwood - Cedar wood and oak wood intertwine with warm mahogany to create the perfect masculine scent for any season.

Rose’ - If you could bring the most fabulous rose garden into your space this is it. This candle is bursting with fresh, luxurious roses. 

Sea Salt & Orchid - An elegant blend of soft floral notes of jasmine and lilies sprinkled with sea salt.