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Here's what you'll find her at Quicc Candles All Natural Soy Candles

+Uniquely Fragranced Jar Candles

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Quicc Candles are all natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable, clean burning soy jar candles.

What our customers are saying about Quicc Candles

The Best Candle Ever! Made in Pittsburgh by a single mother and her sons. Please support.


The best lavender scented candle I've ever owned!


These Candles are so good


I am loving my Black Cherry Quicc Candles

Tasha Livingston

I smelled my candles before I even opened my package. Once I lit one of my candles my house smelled so amazing.


Fast shipping and great customer service. I will order again


The best homemade candle I ever purchased. 


OMG! Jamaica Me Happy transformed my home. When I walk into my house its like walking into a tropical heaven